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Best Replica Devon Tread 1 Steampunk Limited Edition Watch

Brand Devon
Item Type Cheap Devon Thread 1 watches
Year 2012
Strap Alligator
Dial Color Gold
Case size 56 x 50 x 18.5 mm
Glass Sapphire
Gender men
Functions Hours / Minutes / Seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number Tread 1 Steampunk

ulysse nardin freak the watchmaker has actually redesigned the Devon Tread 1 watch, specifically for Star Wars, after teaming up with Disney and Lucasfilm.The case flanks are based on the wings of a Tie Fighter, the main screws that connect the case to the lugs are based on turbine intakes, finished in polished silver to emulate the spikes on the bottom of Darth Vader’s breathing grille, while the belt system utilizes four motor covers in red and green to mimic the switches on Darth Vader’s center console.

The Devon Star Wars is incredibly cool, non-etheless. This intergalactic offering has been entirely based on Darth Vader, his dark personality and the effects surrounding him from the films. Almost every design cue Darth Vader could have inspired, is featured in the complex architecture of this watch and even though it might look too complicated, it doesn’t really shout out ‘overkill’.The Tread 2G picks up where the 1G left off - it’s a luxurious timepiece featuring an 18kt gold case and bezel, crown, stem, case back, screws, strap clips and clasp. Gold seems to be the main theme here, as the watch also features solid gold movement motor covers, adjustment plates and indicator plate, and even a solid gold bracelet.The original Tread 1 can’t really be categorized as a specifically stylish watch, as we can’t even decide which style it belongs to. The Exoskeleton edition, though, is futuristic, is rough, high-tech and I tend to think it boasts with some degree of elegance as well. Updates will follow, so stay tuned! hublot mp-05 laferrari

The Tread 2G is water resistant to 10 meters, features 1mm thick sapphire crystal and is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can last up to 28 days. Its distinctive, yet elegant face is a regal brown with off-white numerals, ensuring this exquisite piece looks great on the wrist of the most luxurious-minded gentleman.Just like vertebrate organisms need a skeletal system for stability and locomotion, so do creepy crawlies - this is the exoskeleton, differing from the skeleton through chemical composition and overall positioning.The initial purpose of the Steampunk edition was to serve as a concept watch, but, as it raised a lot of fuss among the Devon-fanatic crowds, it was manufactured as a series. It sports a bolted brass casing and a conveyor belt system based on aeronautic engineering.

Unlike vertebrates, whose skeleton is found deep within the body, made of calcium, magnesium phosphorus and other minerals, insects rely on an exterior shell, the exoskeleton, mostly composed of keratin. Putting biology aside, here’s the Devon Tread 1 Exoskeleton wristwatch, a magnificently manful timepiece courtesy of Devon Works founder and entrepreneur Scott Devon.Devon Tread are Scott Devon’s horological creations and always feature a mix of nylon belts, and miniature electronic motors that drives the belts. Yes, it doesn’t happen often that we talk about battery-driven watches. urwerk ur-110

reputable replica watch sites In order to ramp up production of its Tread 2 model as quickly as possible, Devon recently acquired spectacular building in Pasadena, California, which is currently under construction, in order to develop it into a high-tech lab.

“Pasadena is an ideal location for Devon Works, and also for our newly formed Devon Tech Labs,” said company founder Scott Devon. “We carefully considered a variety of Southern California locations and settled on Pasadena because it’s a hotbed of innovation and creativity. Our neighbours include world-renowned schools such as CalTech and the Art Center College of Design, as well as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”“We’ve been positively overwhelmed by the demand for Tread 2,” said Ehren Bragg, Devon’s Managing Director. “So far we’ve taken over 300 preorders for the piece before the watch has even hit the market. That represents a full six months’ worth of production that’s been sold based only on photographs and a display of prototypes at this year’s BaselWorld watch show.”

Devon turned heads with its first watch, the Tread 1, and now the company is back in Basel with the Tread 2, using the same belt drive system as before, but in a different configuration.“Last year was our first year exhibiting at Basel and the experience was overwhelming,” Bragg explains. “The press, retailers and collectors in attendance told us that the Tread 1 was a truly innovative and different timepiece. This year we hope to prove that Devon is serious about making a lasting impression on the watch world by launching our second distinct line of timepieces.” cheapest patek philippe

Despite still being a sizeable watch, the Tread 2 is much more wearable then the Tread 1 is. You do not have to be a bodybuilder, or have “Arnold Schwarzenegger” stamped in your passport to be able to pull off the Tread 2. Obviously, the first iteration of the time-through-belts watch is much more noticeable and thus guaranteed to spark a conversation. It looks radically different from anything else on the market, especially the Steampunk or Exoskeleton versions.Don’t be fooled by the more modestly shaped and sized Tread 2 though; it is still a magnet for attention, even from seasoned watchmakers. While going through novelties at various brands visited during the fair, and talking to the industry’s heavyweights during Baselworld’s annual Schnitzel Dinner for instance, just about everyone wanted to know more about it. And that is exactly what this watch will do for you, not just from insiders in the watch community but also from people in general. Mind you, it does cut down battery life since they all want to see the belts whirl around.

The full gold version is called Devon Tread 2G; does that “G” stand for Gold? We believe that’s a good guess, because the case, the bezel, crown, stem, case back, screws, strap clips and the clasp are all machined from 18K gold. Also the movement motor covers, adjustment plates and indicator plate are from solid gold. And the bracelet as well, again a few hundred grams more of 18K gold. Together that is a lot of gold and we’re looking forward to Baselworld, when we can hold that chunk of solid gold, electronic motors, nylon belts and sapphire crystal in our hands.No word on the price yet, but the normal Tread 2 is priced just below the $10,000 USD level. richard mille bubba watson

The Tread 2 uses the same ground-breaking movement technology as first seen in our debut timepiece, which was developed within the United States Aerospace industry by people who supply technology and know-how to companies like Boeing, the US Military and NASA,” says Ehren Bragg, managing director of Devon Watches. “The Tread 2 has a smaller, sleeker design than the Tread 1 and incorporates innovative features like a one-of-a-kind clamp system that secures the bezel onto the case. Rather than using a standard crown design on the Tread 2, we've included an articulating arm that is used to interface with the electronic brain of the watch.”