Best Affordable Camera Jib Crane?

Movement speed can be controlled, according to the scene tone and movie style. For example, when shooting a romantic or dialogue scene, the camera moves slowly, while shooting action scenes, the speed should be accelerated, or fast and slow to switch back and forth. jib arm can also be used with the electric panhead, used to complete a more accurate push and pull screen shots.

And slide, stabilizer, jib arm also has a variety of different sizes, but in any case is not compact. Even the size of the mini jib arm is much larger than the slides and stabilizers. In spite of this, using them to shoot good looking stable and overhead lenses is still worth it. If you use jib arm, the longer the arm, shoot out the effect even more impressive.

Maybe you see a lot of similar popular video on the network, such as traffic police while dancing and directing traffic, etc., but you must have not seen this. Gunners need to overcome the inertia of the large jib arm in motion to shoot the perfect picture, otherwise not only will shoot invalid lenses, but also endanger themselves and others safety. If you just slow, the relationship is fairly good, but in the rock concert where the need for high-speed exercise, inertia is naturally very huge. Look at the video of the Warrior's little gunner is in what position to overcome the inertia, Fun camera jib arm:

Today's world of video is filled with compact, small SLRs, mirrorless cameras, sport cameras and smartphones, all of which give users an unbelievably light experience. But if you put these small cameras on a traditional jib arm, track or other motion-capture device, the advantages of a portable, lightweight camera are gone. Many foreign players have been studying compact portable camera for compact attachments, providing an impact shooting mode, while maintaining the original portability.

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