Best sevenoak jib arm for your video

In order to solve the hand-held fatigue of the electronic camera stabilizer, manufacturers have developed various kinds of brackets to redistribute the weight so as to reduce the burden on the arm, similar to the exoskeleton, and also have similar cockroach antennae, or simply use the easy back. In this year's NAB (North American Radio and Television Show), there is a more interesting product appeared in front of everyone,

From the exterior it looks like the car bracket mounted on the person who, manufacturers say, it uses a one-piece suspension design, in addition to electronic camera stabilizer to provide weight support and stability to enhance the role, but also provide from Floor to ceiling a wide range of mobile, which can shoot what kind of effect?

From the video point of view, it can fully simulate the electronic control of small jib arm at vertical height, while the horizontal angle is far beyond the scope of small jib arm (after all, people can run infinitely thing).

First of all, it does not have a counterweight, which means that it is already well-balanced within the system and that there is no extra weight required without counterweights. The weight of the entire system is evenly distributed in the operator's buttocks and jib arm,

Followed by the legendary weightless operation, users can save physical strength and reduce muscle fatigue when using the system, the entire movement by hanging cables to force.

Finally, it is compatible with a variety of electronic camera stabilizer products, and its overall rigidity is sufficient to support heavier cameras.
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