Great DSLR Camera Rig You Can Get on the low price

A equipment leasing company, he witnessed the entire process of the stabilizer from the bud to the vigorous development, he observed some phenomena and trends in the exchange and work of the industry, to share with his mind: whether the stabilizer can become a movie Video) the market is not high technology content camera rig successor?

Filmmakers often use their high-end camera rigs as a guide to professional filmmaking. Professional and amateurs, regardless of the quality of the mainframe or the lens, use a suitable, high-quality hydraulic head and tripod. The difference between the standard. When everyone think so, most people go out to work essential camera rig. However, it is now 2017, the tripod is no longer lonely, it also ushered in the aftermath.

Because the price of the camera rig is high and low, the range is so great that everyone can buy it so that we can tolerate the inadvertent shaking of the camera rig. At the same time, no matter what the film is, if you want to shoot a smooth smooth lens, the stabilizer seems to have become a better choice. Why stabilizers suddenly become ubiquitous, and its internal and external causes can not be ignored, take a look!

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