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Jib arm camera technology is a unique television shooting technology developed in recent years. It has been widely used in television variety shows, sports, talk shows and other programs. It even plays an important role in documentaries, TV shows and movies. Its production has greatly enriched the language of the television program shots, increasing the dynamic and diverse lens shots, to the camera adds a touch of magnificent momentum and depth of space to make the audience feel immersive. So jib arm camera how to make the audience feel the beauty of the screen and visual effects? I believe that to grasp the speed and rhythm is essential.

Speed ​​and rhythm is the soul of sports camera, jib arm camera to grasp the relationship between speed and rhythm. jib arm of the movement speed is divided into the subjective speed and objective speed, the objective speed refers to the jib arm movement of the angular velocity or jib arm head movement of the linear speed of the subjective speed is jib arm lens screen to the audience's subjective feelings The speed The two speeds are sometimes uniform, that is, the speed of movement the audience feels from the picture is consistent with the movement speed of the jib arm itself, jib arm movement speed, the audience feel the speed also. Shaanxi, jib arm Slow motion, the audience feel slow. But often the speed relationship is not uniform. Such examples are many, then how to control the program recording jib arm speed problem?
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