How to shoot with camera stabilizer dynamic picture?

  How to shoot with camera stabilizer dynamic picture?

  Push and pull with

  When you need to highlight the main subject of the screen, close to the camera. Need to emphasize shooting the background, zoom out the lens.

  Make good use of parallax

  Focus on the shooting lead from the background to separate the use of parallax visual distortion effect.

  First, to emphasize the protagonist to bring the camera closer, using parallax, to separate it from the background. Afterwards, the camera is pulled away, emphasizing the background of the picture shot.

  In the shooting process, reduce the camera shooting angle, gradually narrowing the perspective of the subject, making the subject looks more tall.

  If you still feel that those movies blockbuster camera, only expensive professional equipment to shoot, then you are out of date! Because in the "cloud" camera just as long as two years of growth, has a large film with a dream To millions of households.

  However, the sports camera is aimed at the extreme sports crowd, and the price of thousands is not accepted by the public at all. At the time, the audience of the camera stabilizer is also such a user. For the average family, the mobile phone seems to record the most life A good way, which also gave birth to the Selfie rod hot.

  In recent years, the rapid development of mobile phone camera and camera, many mobile phone manufacturers are competing with various black technology to enhance mobile phone anti-shake capabilities such as optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization, once launched at the conference or themselves The official website of the crazy recommendation, although to some extent to solve the camera or camera stability, but strictly speaking still a drop in the bucket, running and rapid movement, the screen is still shaking not work.
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