Lightweight Sevenoak Portable Jib Arm

Movie shooting tools a variety of, then in the end how to choose the most suitable for their own shooting tools? Today take you to re-recognize: camera slider, handheld stabilizer, rocker the three most commonly used movie shooting tools.

Camera slider, stabilizer, rocker These things not only look cool, but also shoot a surprising picture. camera slider is a collection of many advantages of the product. Most of the current camera slider are compact and lightweight. It is a good choice for filmmakers who like to stay light. However, the length of the restrictions also means that the shooting limitations. camera slider is suitable for horizontal movement or sliding the lens.

Handheld stabilizer

Handheld stabilizer is a new type of stabilizer. Helps stabilize these handheld lenses while moving the camera or walking. Handheld stabilizer, although suitable for shooting the surrounding environment, but there are limitations. If the hand-held stabilizer is controlled by someone, the range of movement is limited. For example, it can not rise to 3m high then slow down, unless the person holding the stabilizer height 3m.

Rocker arm

The oldest stable in the festival is the rocker. The most typical use of rocker lens. From the sky to the main camera down from the body, or from the ground up to shoot the development of panoramic scene, rocker height range of shots can be taken depends on its arm length, the combination of rotating camera head and vertical movement makes the arm unique , Shooting a unique effect.
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