Sevenoak DSLR shoulder camera rig with follow focus

camera rig is a very practical and very common photography accessories, but you really know the correct use of camera rig? Good camera rig can reduce the photographer's difficulty, but also need to combine the actual situation of the shooting site, the only way In order to shoot sharp work at the same time protect their own equipment.

1. First composition and then put the tripod

Set the tripod to take more time than the composition, first look at the surrounding environment, and then carefully choose the composition of the "end result." If you put the first tripod re-composition, which means you want to run with a set of equipment and people generally high, a dangerous, and secondly, a lot of valuable time wasted.

2. Take one of the leg legs to the subject

This is a lot of new tripod users easily overlooked place, a tripod legs pointing to the subject means that the back of the fuselage you can have enough space to stand, not only for easy viewing, operation, not prone to trip, but also to prevent Pro-dumping accident occurred.

3. Maintain the vertical axis and the ground

Stability is the priority of camera rig. To ensure that the camera weight evenly distributed to the three legs, the simplest way to confirm is to keep the vertical axis and the ground. Of course, many tripod has been equipped with a horizontal indication, if not, may also be equipped with one, the price is not expensive.

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