Sevenoak Pro Video Camera Rig for you

  Maybe you did not realize that the camera rig in your hands is actually the most versatile shooting tool. The camera rig not only fixes the camera at different heights, but it also offers some extra creative ideas.

  Need to pay attention to the type of camera rig used here, those heavy camera rig is not suitable for these actions.

  Place the camera in a bird's-eye view and support the camera rig with both legs open. Carefully control the camera to move forward or backward. Pay attention to the safety of the camera when shooting and ensure that the camera rig is as light as possible.

  If you are looking for a creative way to transition, you can consider this technology. Unfold the camera rig extension and find the center of balance. Rotate the camera at the end of the last shot and before the next shot, and by combining it later, you get a very interesting result.

  The camera rig upside down and dangling at a certain height, the entire device with the hand control up and down movement, or even rotate the lens. Due to the effect of gravity, the lens can be largely stabilized. Of course, safety is still the first one, palms sweat easily wear non-slip gloves and then operate.

  The camera rig can be quickly converted to a shoulder-mounted device that simply unzips and captures the camera rig's two legs and uses the third leg as a handle. In order to achieve weight balance, you can place the right weights on the two rear legs as counterweights.

  If you shoot a camera trip by camera, these methods will give you more creative space. If you are a big crew or large camera operation, sports camera or use a professional rocker, track and stabilizer.

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