The Best Camera Cages to Maximize Your Rig

  The camera rig is one of the most important photography devices, and in most environments, the camera rig is used to enhance the quality of photos. However, the use of camera rig is methodical

  1, the first composition and then put the tripod

  Set the tripod time-consuming sometimes more than the composition but also more, so first look at the surrounding environment, and then carefully select the composition of the "end result."

  2, one of the leg legs to shoot objects

  This is where many new tripod friends easily overlooked.

  A tripod legs point to the subject, which means you can have enough space to stand on the back of the fuselage, not only easy to view, operate, not prone to trip, but also to prevent the occurrence of forward dump accident.

  Keep the axis perpendicular to the ground

  Stability is the priority of camera rig.

  Make sure the camera weight is evenly distributed to the camera rig leg. The simplest way to confirm is to keep the center axis perpendicular to the ground. Of course, many tripods have been equipped with a spirit level, which is very practical.

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