Amazing Religious Startup to watch out for

Bangalore a city in India is know for it tech innovations, and it is rightly called as the silicon valley of india. I would want share some information about a startup that is a giving a solution to religious problems using technology as it center focus. So, now let us look into it in detail. Let us look at the services provided this startup as follows:

=> North Indian Pandit in Bangalore & Hindi Pandit in Bangalore Booking Services

=> Tamil Vadhyar in Bangalore && Vedic Tamil Brahmin Priests in Bangalore online Booking

=> Authentic Pandit for Griha Pravesh in Bangalore && Verified Pandits for Gruhapravesham Bangalore online service

This startup is very sucessful in solving the problems of devotees in India, If we can replicate the same thing in hungary, it would be perfect for all people to access prayers etc for jesus or god. If you know any such startup that is into religious sector pls let me know.