In order to make the brand famous and to make the brand name known to the public, using advertising and marketing methods is one of the necessities of any kind of business that deals with the customer in some way and offers goods or services to customers. With the advent of the Internet and social networks, a new development has emerged in the advertising and marketing of products and services, and advertising for products and services has taken on a new form, such as guerrilla advertising, viral marketing, digital marketing, social media advertising and other methods. However, despite the Internet and social networks, traditional advertising or environmental advertising still plays a significant role in society to introduce branding and products and are widely used. When we leave home or work, during the day and night our eyes encounter a variety of environmental advertisements that have been implemented in different ways. Each type of advertising has its advantages and disadvantages and can play an effective role in selling more products and services and thus earning more money. Environmental advertising includes billboard design, tract printing, brochure printing, cataloging of products or services, advertising dashboards, banners and banner lampshades, sampling advertisements, advertising stands, advertising stickers and billboards. In order to get the desired result from the advertisements, each advertisement must be inserted in the right time and place so that it has a better effect and the advertisement cost is not considered an overhead and additional cost for the advertisement owner.

One of the types of advertising methods that have been used by any kind of guild for a long time is panel making. You have to work in any field where the beating heart of those customers is. You should use the head sign in the shop or the sign on the door of the place of business such as the shop sign, the shop sign or the company sign so that you can get credit for your place of business. Painting in Alborz Province or Karaj Painting is also very common due to the increase of shops in the sales centers and the city center, and when we pass by the shops, whether we like it or not, we see all kinds of billboards as shop signs or shop signs or corporate signs. At the top of the door, places are installed, but only the signs that attract us are beautiful, bright, shiny and unique.

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